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Dichotomy of Nature

It struck me that there was an interesting contrast to be drawn between the chaos that can be caused by something so beautifully ordered.

The Chaos

Dancing, swirling,
Floating, falling,
Snowflakes in the air.

Whispering gently,
Raging loudly,
Downwards they must go.

Not predictive,
Or conducive,
They don’t seem to care.

Finely dusted,
Thickly blanketed,
How are we to know?

Forecasts vaguely
Saying maybe,
Tell us to prepare.

Talk is humming,
Is it coming?
At the moment… no!

The Order

A perfect snowflake  of intricate design interwoven like a lace doily.

A breathtaking pattern of nature.

Symmetry on a wonderfully small scale.

It remains oblivious to the chaos it causes.

Structure is everything.

Cold is its habitat.

No confusion, or chaos.

Until warmth… when molecules release.

Perfection is lost in a puddle of utter confusion.


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