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Complicated Regrets

Dug out of some old stuff I wrote in 2008

Complicated Regrets

You live and you learn
Screw up and get burned
Cry tears of regret
Find it hard to forget
Try to bury things deep
In an untidy heap
Get told to be strong
To be weak is so wrong

With nothing to warn
My emotions are torn
I have gone from composed
To very exposed
All so confused
My tender soul bruised
Seems like my fate
Has been lying in wait

Strength must assemble
The thought makes me tremble
I quiver and quake
Whilst in pain my heart aches
Correcting this wrong
Takes incredibly long
Causing near ones to hurt
Whilst I’m branded as dirt

The task isn’t complete
So I cannot retreat
These things that I feel
Will no longer conceal
Unbidden flow tears
Stored up over years
The peace which I sought
Is finally caught

So complex to explain
People offer disdain
All rushing to judge
To gossip and nudge
Their critique causes pain
Makes the sun turn to rain
I have to survive
Until good times arrive

The battles are fought
Vital lessons are taught
To my dearest I’ll cleave
True peace to achieve
What for years was elusive
Is now all inclusive
My soul is at rest
Those who know can attest


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